Trolling motor for Skerry

Someone is advertising a Skerry for sale in the Bazaar and is offering it with an "invisible" trolling motor rig.  I asked the person to describe it but I haven't heard from him/her.  That said, I'm on the verge of completing my Skerry and now I'm curious about using a trolling motor on it, say on a quiet lake or pond.  I can't imagine mounting a trolling motor on a double ender (though I seem to remember reading somewhere a long time ago that you could put one on a canoe) and I wonder if someone here knows anything about how it's done?  Appreciate any feedback.  Thanks,  bob h

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RE: Trolling motor for Skerry

As the Skerry has a pointy tail and it says 'invisible' I'm thinking they have built a well (think wide daggerboard case) somewhere aft?

RE: Trolling motor for Skerry

A while ago, the old "Small Boat Journal" had an article on a rudder with a trolling motor built in.

Build a rudder. Take the trolling motor of your choice and cut off most of the shaft. being careful not to cut the wires. Use the motor as a template and cut the rudder to fit the motor. Seal the tube / wires with silicone calking. Run the wires up a slot in the rudder / tiller assembly and into the boat to the speed controller. Mount the motor to the rudder using epoxy. I need to send you a picture of this if my description is not clear. Now you have a boat gliding along with no visible means of propulsion.

I may do this myself, after my skerry is done building. (need to finish painting the interior)

John C-H (not to be confused with JCH of CLC Boats) 

RE: Trolling motor for Skerry

John,  thanks for your reply to this.  I think I understand it, but a picture is worth a thousand words.  I'd really appreciate a picture if you have one.  You could either post it here or email it to me privately; doesn't matter to me.  All that said, the Skerry is such a terrific boat on its own merit and I will probably not tinker with it.  The Skerry is my first boat building experience, so I guess I'll hust have to do another kit that will easily accept a trolling motor.  Jimmy Skiff might work!  Once again thanks, and pls send pics?  Best,  Bob H

RE: Trolling motor for Skerry

John, I just realized, the only real change to the boat is the rudder, which means that one could simply have a second rudder, rigged with the trolling motor.  Do I have that correct?  Thanks.  Bob H.

RE: Trolling motor for Skerry

I've seen quite a few canoes with side-mounted electic trolling motors. There are also bow-mounted electric trolling motors commonly used by fisher-persons. I'd think either of those could probably be fairly easily adapted. Not invisible by a long shot:) But probably easy to remove and have out of the way when not in use.

RE: Trolling motor for Skerry

Hi Bob,

That's right. I just thought of something. reverse wont work without the rudder blade locked in the down position. A nylon screw thru the swivel assembly would make a good shear pin to save the blade should it run aground. I'll try to get that picture on line tomorrow.

I had a canoe with motor mount. I still have the mount and thought of using it. I may give it a try.  Actually, If I'm going fishing, I could row or motor. hmmm

RE: Trolling motor for Skerry

Actually, fishing would be the only reason I'd use a trolling motor and I live on top of a nice bass pond which would make it ideal.  Not that I'm against rowing but I've fished before in a small john boat with a trolling motor and it just makes things that much easier.  I still may fool around with the rudder idea since all it would require is a second rudder.  Look forward to any pics you can upload.  Thanks John,  

And Oqata, thanks for your comments too.  I'd rather avoid the bow mount motor because I don't think it's fair to the Skerry to rig her that way.  At least a hidden motor in the rudder gives her the natural appearance she deserves.

RE: Trolling motor for Skerry


errrrr. I have a pdf, but don't know how to attach it here>

RE: Trolling motor for Skerry

John, you can email it to me at  I don't know how to upload a photo to the forum either.  Thanks again.  Bob

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