Wood Duck 12 Hybrid

Good evening folks. First boat and first post. The hulk is all tacked together and everything is going fine, even the dreaded transom, but I have two questions at this point.

1. After tacking, I removed the temporary forms and the tops of the side panels contracted inward. This results in a 1" difference between the width of the "forward hull form" and the actual hull width at that point (lesser differences at the bow and stern form locations). I have made temporary spacers out of old hockey stick shafts to restore the proper widths. This afternoon I filleted and glassed the seems behind the rear bulkhead as a test since it will not be seen like the cockpit. At this point I don't know if the width will hold, and if not, do I have a problem? 

2. The fiberglass tape that came with the kit has a flat edge on one side and a raised or rolled edge on the other. After epoxy is applied, the flat edge smooths out beautifully but he other leaves quite a ridge. Not a problem on the puzzle joints or stern but concerned about the cockpit. Is this normal?, Should I cut off the raised edge? Will this cause it to unravel?

Any advice on either/both of these would be appreciated. Thanks       

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RE: Wood Duck 12 Hybrid

On Question 2, I'm building the Wood Duck 12 Hybrid also, my husband is working on the 14 footer.  I have the same problem with the fiberglass tape.  The only place it really bothered me was where I laid out the fiberglass in the cockpit because obviously I now have slight ridges from the tape underneath.  I haven't done a lot of sanding yet and I guess I'm not really worried about it too much.   The tape for the second kayak felt like  it was perfect on the roll, but  it went on the same as the other one. 

Can't help with the first question.  I finished fiberglassing the exterior and now i'm trying to figure out the the finer points of measuring for the deck forms.


RE: Wood Duck 12 Hybrid

  The width difference is typical. Just pry to fit and secure once you have them together. There are several ways to handle the raised tape edge - I try to catch the tape just before it turns hard and cut it off with a razor knife. If it's too late for that a very sharp chisel drawn diagonally across the raised edge will cut it down and greatly reduce sanding.

  Hope that helps.

RE: Wood Duck 12 Hybrid

Thank you both, appreciate the help.

RE: Wood Duck 12 Hybrid

Carbide scraper - available at a hardware store and even big box stores (home depot/lowes). I have two, both have reversable blades and replacement blades available, but after numerouis scraping hours I have not needed to even flip the blady - still shaves of epoxy.

Catching that tape edge and other epoxy goobbles while the goo is "green" is easy, but my carbide scraper shaves full hard epoxy without a problem. A few swipes and tape edge gone - no sanding, zero dust, just curly shavings . . .

RE: Wood Duck 12 Hybrid

I concur with Hokey. Picking up a set of scrapers was one f the best things I ever did. They take the ridge off tape very nicely, and do a great job with drips and runs. You still need your ROS, but you will use the scrapers for many parts of your project.


RE: Wood Duck 12 Hybrid

  I read these posts about carbide scrapers and ordered one, I was hesitant, just sounded too good to be true...you know.

  I'm back with a fork for my slice of humble pie, gotta say it's one heck of a tool and does the job much better than my technique with a chisel.

  Pocketship and hokeyhydro - thanks for the schooling! Great forum!

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