Nails, staples and all that stuff

I'm close to the stage of laying down the cedar strips on the deck of my Shearwater.  I was planning to secure the strips to the frames with staples, favoring the speed they allow and also favoring the look of the holes they leave (yes, I actually like that look).

I tested a strip with my staple gun and the staples (1/2" T50's) went in all the way and I couldn't grab them to remove.  I also tried my air gun with a narrow crown staple on the lowest setting, but that was way too powerful.

Now I'm thinking about small nails instead, and just not driving them in all the way so they'd be easy to remove. 

Any comments, admonitions, pearls of wisdom, scoldings, poems, or chants would be welcomed.


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RE: Nails, staples and all that stuff

  Hickory, I have one of these and it works well for wires and cables. Never sets the staple flush, designed to attach wires etc.

  Haven't used it for strips but don't see why it wouldn't work.

RE: Nails, staples and all that stuff

I have used thin rips of wood as a spacer between the staple gun and the strip being installed.  Even the staple is set into the spacer piece, you can either dig into it, or split the spacer away, and pull the staple.  

RE: Nails, staples and all that stuff

When stripping the deck of my Wood Duck, I used the longest staples my stapler could use.  I also did not press the staple gun too tight to the cedar strip when stapling.  It did not set the staple into the cear strip and left a small gap between the top of the staple and the strip.

Regards, Mike C

RE: Nails, staples and all that stuff

On my latest Shearwater hybrid I did not use staples on the deck. I have found the perimeter strips to be the hardest to keep down so in this case I drilled a hole into the shearclamp at each form and used a temporary screw and washer to hold it down. I then stripped the rest of the deck as usual. When I glued the deck to the hull I used some of the previously drilled holes for the deck rigging and the rest were filled. Since I used a dark strip you can't see them.

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