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anybody got any experience with skin on frame boats? how do they perform , suggestions on kits or plans ect.. any info helps . ive got a friend trying to get boats for his kids on a tight budget and i thought that might be a solution

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RE: skin on frame

Check out this website-

this place/people are outstanding, and if you can get 8 days up in the NW you can build one with them.

The boats are beautiful, and extremely lightweight.


RE: skin on frame 


I have one thats 20 years old and still holding strong. A very inexpensive build also. 

RE: skin on frame

You could always try this....

'fuselage frame' style

RE: skin on frame

thanks , anybody paddle these boats?what are the benfits and drawbacks?

RE: skin on frame

Been paddling a skin on frame for 3 (or is it 4) years now.  LOVE it!  My only complaint is that the design I chose does not have room for your legs to be bent, so I find that my left leg tends to fall asleep.  I modified the bulkheads this past summer and it has been a great help.  

The boat is light (30lbs for a 17’ sea kayak), she handles wonderfully, fast, responsive, great surfing boat!  Just have to be careful around solids, you know rocks, sticks, ice… only a ripped hole once, about 9”. Nothing duct take could not temporarily take care of.

With no watertight bulkheads, you will need float bags and rescues are a little different.  I have not bothered with a sea-sock, have not used this boat for any trips and do not intend to.

This is a fuselage style frame, so much faster and easier build than a more traditional bent rib & lashing method.  That said, I found that stitch and glue WD12 was similar time/difficulty.  Biggest difference in the price, you can launch for less than a 1/3 the price of a S&G.  You do end up with a more delicate boat, but I have had mine out in the 1.5metre waves no problem.

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