At the deck to hull step in WD12 construction...

I'm making good progress on my WD12, my first ever S&G project. I'm at the point where I need to join the hull and deck, and I'm wondering if it's possible or wise to tack epoxy the hull first, let it dry, and then (a day or so later) go back and tack epoxy the deck on a separate occasion. I've brought the two togehter for a trial fitting and adjusted things to make sure all is square and fitting properly, but I just fear that in re-joining it all with wet epox and restiching (or shrink-wrapping) I will tweak it a little out of shape again. 

Thanks in advance.


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RE: At the deck to hull step in WD12 construction...

I did the first one that I built like the manual says. The rest I have stitched up, then tack welded between the wires with thickened epoxy. A few days later removed the wires and filleted and taped. The ducks are a bit of a stretch to get into the bow, start upthere and work back to the cockpit to avoid gettingepoxy all over.

RE: At the deck to hull step in WD12 construction...


I'm with jnclark, tacking is a great idea. Not only does it lock in the boat's shape before the wires are removed, it also results in thinner seams, less epoxy/woodflour consumption and a lighter boat.

Here's my WD12 hull all tacked up (click on pictures to enlarge them):

and the declk also:

Then they were taped & glassed (glassing the interior is my own variation on the plans)

and finally, tacked/wrapped for joining.

Here's a typical seam done with tacking.See how it's thin enough to fit entirely between the stitch holes?

More info at Building a Wood Duck 12.

Have fun with your build, you're definitely on the right track.





RE: At the deck to hull step in WD12 construction...

Thanks for the input, gents. I'll be following in your footsteps. :-)

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