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I’ve been going over the instructions in the assembly manual for rigging my Passagemaker. I am a bit confused about orientation and location of the hole or holes(?) drilled at the throat of the yard for lashing the throat of the sail to the yard and possibly for the parrel. I’ve come across a couple of variations on another forum that, by the photos, look completely different than what is in the manual. There they have one variation where the parrel is tied through holes drilled in the sides of yaws and another uses a short length of chain to keep the jaws secured to the mast. The instructions in the manual indicate that the parrel is only lashed through the grommet at the throat of the sail. The picture on page 84 of the manual shows a hole being drill at the throat of the yard but it is difficult for me to tell whether it is going in from the side or between the jaws. I was hoping that somebody on this forum could help me out with some photos or a well worded description. I guess I’m just too tired from staying up late sanding and sanding and sanding and sanding………..

That is when I’m not kicking myself for not taking a picture of the rigging on the Passagemaker the good folks from CLC had on display at the Wooden Boat Festival at Port Townsend, Washington last weekend.

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RE: passagemaker rigging


I assume those are the photos of our boat you saw with the parrel  through the jaws rather than the throat of the sail.  Recall that we rigged ours differently from the CLC boat because we wanted to be able to quickly unbend the mainsail from the spars for storage purposes aboard our mothership.  Compare with CLC's demo boats, which leave the sail affixed to the spars for quick deployment.  So we were coming at the problem from different angles.

As for our parrel arrangement,  I can only say that it has been entirely satisfactory.  It remains loose when the gunter yard is horizontal for hoisting, and progressively tightens as the jaws swing aft when the yard becomes vertical at full hoist.  Here is a photo.   Good luck with the sanding and here's wishing you a joyous launch.


PassageMaker Parrel 



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