Wood Duck Double completed

Hi all,

Just a small thank you to all those that helped not only with info on how to get things done but also for the excellent plans and manual supplied by the folks at CLC.

I took advantage of a warm autumn sunday afternoon for a quick paddle in the Sado estuary in Portugal. 16º in November is nice :)

I was amazed at how effortlessly the duck slid through the water. A friend has a plastic sit-on-top and it needs a good bit of muscle to get her up to any kind of speed. The duck tracked very well (ok, no wind and top of high tide).

I made a greenland paddle and I was very impressed with the ease and confort. For the second paddle I bought a standard european style paddle and tried them both. Big plus for the "stick".

I basically followed the plans but could not find any Okuome in Portugal. I opted for Beech for the hull and an african dark plywood for the deck.

One suggestion I would like to make is that for the fillets I used a 100ml syringe and this made filleting extremely easy. No waste, no plastic bags, no mess. I will try and get a photo and put it on here.

For single paddling, the bow does come out of the water quite a lot. Next time I will try with maybe a coolerbox with a couple of 6-packs up front and see how she floats.

Now all I have to do is clean up my downstairs living room before the missus throws her toys out of the cot and then its off to build a stripper. Haven´t made up my mind yet as to what model.

To all, many thanks and keep posting.

regards from sunny Portugal

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RE: Wood Duck Double completed

  Very nice lookig boat! Thanks for posting the pics too - the first I've seen of a double. Guess I don't get out much...

RE: Wood Duck Double completed

I forgot to mention.

The completed kayak came in at 23Kg = 50lbs.


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