Model design/plans recommendation

Hello there,
I am searching for model boat plans that I can use to build a very stable, sail-powered, small craft. I am hoping you could make a recommendation for plans that meet my criteria.  

Here are the criteria for the design I'm looking for:

1. It should be seaworthy in ocean conditions. It will need to be highly resistant to capsizing.

2. It should sail with only a small amount of heel.

3. Plans should be available and contain all pieces I would need to cut. A 3D model that allows me to scale up/down as needed and print out these pieces would be ideal.

4. Ideal length is about 4 feet long, but again, if there's a model, I could scale.

Here is some inspiration for something like what I am looking for:

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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RE: Model design/plans recommendation

I seem to recall Wooden Boat magazine had drawings and a build article for a 50" radio control sailboat. AGoogle around and you should be able to find lots of info since R/C sailboat racing is fairly active. In the `70s I manufactured fiberglass model kits for R/C racing. AMYA is another info source, that would be American Model Yacht Assoc.

RE: Model design/plans recommendation

Here's a grat place to start looking around, if you haven't already found it - The American Model Yachting Association.



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