Seat adaptation

I have a CH 17LT and have searched unsuccessfully for a company that sells kayak seat systems that you would normally see in mainstream kayaks. I just queried Current Design to see if they sold their Revolution Seating System on a separate basis but no answer as yet. Has anyone here gone that route? While looking inside these composite kayaks I see any number of styles but no reference to the company that builds them. Thanks,


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RE: Seat adaptation

Try the CLC seat. It is a lot better and more comfortable than it appears.


RE: Seat adaptation

Ive just finished my shearwater sport, I put in the happy bottom and rapid pulse backband, I cut the hip braces of so I could position them where I wanted them, the seat and hip braces and thigh pads are all stuck in with some quality self adheisive velcro tape so I can adjust every thing, its working so well I dont think Ill even glue them in, my plastic yak which I just sold had the wilderness phase 3 seating system in it, which was really comfy but to be quite honest my new yak is just as comfy. I do throw in a small cusion off one of my deck chairs as well but Ive always done that cause I just like a bit of extra padding. I looked at all the fancy seats as well when I was building but I was so happy I went with the chese seat . It works great is easy to fit and I find it comftable, really pleased with the backband as well. I drilled a hole with a spade bit at the top rear of the hip plate so the strap goes thru the hole , behind the hip plate and screws up into the combing, the backband sits just right , its tight .dosnt move and I dont have to ajdust it , heh if youve already got this set up and dont like it Ill probley look pretty dumb but my intentions are good, just trying to help,,,,

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