Varnishing question..

Applied my first coat of varnish to the deck. I understand I will be wet sanding with 400 grit inbetween each coat.

Do we have to wipe the boat down with laquer thinner each time, after wet sanding and before another coat of varnish, or was the first time enough for the laquer thinner?

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RE: Varnishing question..

There's no need to wipe down with laquer thinner after sanding. I just use a clean, damp cloth and wipe the boat off, rinse out the cloth and do again. Then use a dust free dry cloth to dry and remove any remaining residue. Then I run my hands over the whole surface feeling for anything left over and anything I might not have sanded well, wiping them on a clean, dust-free cloth between passes. Make sure your hands are clean before doing that! It's amazing what they can pick up that wiping with anything else can miss. And it gives you a feel for what the boat will look like when you're done. And, yes, the pun was intended.

George K

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