Peeler kit

I expect to receive my kit within the next 2-3 weeks.  Anyone else expecting one as well?  Let's share experiences and learn from each others mistakes as the work begins.

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RE: Peeler kit

Hello, I'm also going to build the Peeler. I've ordered the building manual in advance of the actual kit. We will be in Florida this winter and the Peller will be my spring project when we return to Wisconsin. I can hardly wait. I've been following the Peeler since last spring. It caught my eye as a very unique design.

I've decided to go green and power it with primary electric propulsion. I will use a small center console to house the controls and me. The battery bank will be under the mid center cross seat.

I will share photos as it develops. Maybe we can create a Peeler construction club or forum. Good luck with your project,  Ken.  ps: where are you located?

RE: Peeler kit

I'm located in Old Forge, NY which is right in the middle of the 6.5 million acre Adirondack Park where we are surrounded by lakes and rivers.  The Peeler should be ideal for both building and fishing with the grand kids.  I have a good shop set up in a heated garage.  The winters are long and deep up here.  The Peeler project will be a welcome diversion.

RE: Peeler kit


I'm still wondering about the Peeler using electric power. The aft section would really be better suited for electric power if you raised the transom up until it was just out of the water. This aft rocker would smooth the flow of water over the hull and make your electric power more efficent. Why don't you pester John Harris to see if he will modify the Peeler for efficent electric propulsion for you. I believe John loves a challenge and I think properly designed the Peeler would make an awsome electric boat capable of carrying lots of heavy batteries. Of course it would work as is if you wanted both gas and electric power at different times. Just a thought.


You are going to love building your Peeler. Order in a big supply of sandpaper and get a good ROS - I believe I've sanded every part of my Peeler 1,322 times. Seriously, half the work on the Peeler is putting on the finish. I'm finally finished with all the epoxying and hull painting and am painting and varnishing the interior now.


RE: Peeler kit

She's looking good Robert!

How many hours are you into it so far?

Also, how much odor is associated with epoxying?

My garage is a part of my house and I don't wish to have the dog and wife move out.



RE: Peeler kit

Nice job Robert, what a nice contrast with bright and white finish. I emailed John about my electric Peeler. Thanks for the input.  Ken.

RE: Peeler kit

Ron, my garage is also attached to my house and I have never been able to smell epoxy fumes in the house. MAS is almost - but not completely- odor free. I have noticed it more on my clothing than in the air. I do wear a respirator anyway - though I do see many folks at CLC workshops using MAS without them. I do think you need some ventilation when applying it.

So far I have about 350+ hours. About 40 of those were adding a new bottom layer to the hull. I added a 1/2" layer to the 3/8 Okume bottom after John determined it needed more stiffening. I had already fiberglassed the 3/8ths bottom so had to scuff it up, make and cut patterns for the new material, scarf it, use copious amounts of thickened epoxy and 150+ screws to fasten it until dry, remove the screws, fill the holes, trim the new ply, seal the ply, do a complete  new fiberglass layer on the bottom, etc, etc. Lucky you - you won't have to do this. Just one of the joys of a BETA build vs. waiting for a production kit.


RE: Peeler kit

The epoxy isn't an issue. I did find though using the fast set hardner does have a different, stronger smell. Make sure you use a respirator! Uncured epoxy isn't good in the lungs, also although you can't see the dust, doesn't mean it's not in the air, particulates can be very small and you need that protection. The two stages you'll have to do some planning on due to the attached garage, painting and varnishing a total of no less than five coats of varnish, three minimum coats of paint (maybe four). Paint requiring a full day to harden between coats, no more than two coats of varnish a day = no less than six to seven days you may need to evac the house or at least keep several windows open close to the garage. The varnish is the strongest by far! It will follow you into the house on your clothes. Might I suggest keep those somewhere other than next to your bed. (Don't ask me)

Take care,


RE: Peeler kit

Robert and Bryrick,

Thanks for the info and advice.

I plan to be at the paint and varnish stage when I can open the door and run some fans to evacuate the air.


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