Kaholo Rail Tape

I did a search on CLC and didn’t find anything about rail tape so I did some digging around the net and found some info about rail tape which could save you some money and damage to your board edges. Basically rail tape is very expensive and two wide and thick to use on a Kaholo board in my opinion. Even if you cut it into smaller widths it probably wouldn’t make the bend of a 1/4” radius along the rails. I’ve built two 14’ Kaholo’s boards which you can see on the photo gallery and wanted to protect the rail edges from impacts with the paddle. I found a product called “helicopter tape” which comes in different widths. It’s real use is to protect the leading edges of the rotor blades. I bought a 1” X 30’ roll which was enough to do both my paddle boards and 2 paddles for $20.00. It was real easy to apply with the backing tape already on it. I just used the glue seam that was visible between the deck and sides of the board as the center line and worked it down the haul. If you want more details on applying just drop me a line. This stuff is really tuff at 8 mil thick and sticky as hell and will still stretch when you need it to. Being able to do the paddles with it was a great bonus. It’s made for outdoor use with a UV protective coating. In case my link doesn’t post you can find it on Amazon.


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RE: Kaholo Rail Tape

Surfski paddlers often put helicopter tape at the catch to protect the boat. Haven't got around to doing it myself yet but it's on the list.

RE: Kaholo Rail Tape

Can you paint this tape?  It seems like a good way to protect the edges and hull and also add some style if you can paint it as well.  




RE: Kaholo Rail Tape

So I just read more closely about the tape and it seems that its clear.  If I were to paint the rails do you think it would be better to paint before laying down the tape?  Or to paint the tape?

Thanks again.


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