Kaholo 12'6" or 14'

I'd appraciate any feedback regarding the selection of the Kaholo 12'6" or the 14'. I DO have the 12'6" on order but want to make sure it's the right kit before it actually ships to me. I have a small frame (about 135lbs) and paddle a great deal and although I do not compete (yet) I am a student of paddling technique and effeciency, monitoring my stroke and pace and consider myself a strong and agile paddler. I currently paddle a Hobie ATR 10'6" and a Hobie 12'6" Elite racer. I would like to think I am not compromising anything in terms of the boards performance by going with the 12'6".  Thanks for your input!

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RE: Kaholo 12'6" or 14'

If you already have a 12'6" racer, might you not be better off getting the 14? The 14 might be more useful for open ocean/downwind paddling.

Your weight might be the deciding factor but you indicate that you are a strong paddler

RE: Kaholo 12'6" or 14'

Thank you Craig for the response. I hear what you are saying about the Hobie 12'6" I am using. That particular board is a loaner from kayak/SUP shop I work at and has a flaw in that it has more rocker than it should, so the performance of that board is uncharacteristically compromised.

The Kaholo 14' would push my storage capacity to the limit but I could swing it. Most of what I read about the Kaholo design and performance highlights the 14' specifically as the board nearly everyone is using and referring to when they are discussing the boards vitues.

In the case of the Kaholo models, does the general rule of thumb hold that the longer the board the better the glide?

If that is the case and it is significant than I will reconsider and go with the 14'. 

Again, I appreciate the feedback!!!

RE: Kaholo 12'6" or 14'

14' may be gotting all the kudos because it has been around for awhile. 12' 6" version is new - just released. That said, at our recent SUP race in town all but one of the top flock of finishers in the 10k race were on 14' boards. 

RE: Kaholo 12'6" or 14'

I weight 156 and am 5-6".  I wanted to build a 12-6 and waited and waited for the plans and could wait no longer so purchased the plans for the 14.  I then scaled the plans for the 14, in length/ longitudinal  dimensions,  to 12-6 in length only and used frames for the 14.  The result a real pretty board fast board.


Note that the 12-6 is a touch wider than the 14 and the transom on the 12-6 is wider that that on the 14.  The reason, I understand, is to have a board with the stability of the 14 but a shorter length for purposes of handling and storage.


This winter I plan to build. 14 and do everything possible to keep the weight down.  I glassed my 12-6 with 7 oz because use that is what I had around.  I suggest you build the 14 for speed and glide and because I believe it has faster lines.


In this form are some photos of a college student building a 12-6 where you will note the wider transom.

RE: Kaholo 12'6" or 14'

Thank you for the responses regarding my 12'6" or 14' question. I ended up going with the 14'. Joey at CLC was more than happy to make an adjustment to my order. Looking forward to the build and the adventures to come.

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