Anyone ever build up a bow, post hoc?

I bought and rehabbed a Chesapeake 17LT. It is a swift boat and fun to paddle. However, it has a distressing tendency to go down at the bow when it encounters anything higher than a canoe wake. (OK, that's an exaggeration.)

Instead of selling the boat and buying one better suited to ocean conditions, I started wondering about a crazy notion of fitting a prosthetic bow onto the boat, with some more flare and a bit more height for a more swept-up profile. (Quick, someone go get a defibrillator for John H. ...) Here's an example of the sought-after effect:

Am I as nuts as this idea, or has anyone done or considered anything similar in the past?

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RE: Anyone ever build up a bow, post hoc?

Adding extra floatation after a vessel is complete has a long and honorable tradition. The latest ship to have this done is the Navy's LCS 1, the USS Freedom. After sea trials it had a pair of buoyancy tanks (now known by the sailors as the "Beyonce tanks") added onto its stern to improve floatation in the event of damage.

That said, the 17LT already has a nicely upswept bow (though not as pronounced as the boats in your link). I've taken it through motorboat wakes with no problem. Maybe you ought to check your loading and make sure that it's not bow-heavy before doing surgery?




RE: Anyone ever build up a bow, post hoc?

I don't see wrhy you couldn't modify the bow but maybe try an move your seating position back and see if that helps.

If you really want to modify the bow as a project ( and I personally love to

modify standard plans) then what about something wild like the bow of an Ozzie surfski?


RE: Anyone ever build up a bow, post hoc?

Further to my last post, my latest peoject has been a surfski based on a modified Pax 20 hull. I raised the sheer lineby 40mm from the rear of the seat to the bow. I have yet to paddle it in downwind conditions or surf it. If I find that he bow starts "pearl diving", then I will add a spec ski type attachment.


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