painting clean lines

I'm painting the hull of my WR 180 bringing the paint over onto the deck about 1". What is the best method of achieving a clean hard edge to the paint where it meets the varnished deck?

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RE: painting clean lines

I used 3M Scotch Fine Line Tape that I purchased from a local auto body store.  It was a bit expensive…I think about $12.00 for a role but there was more than enough.  I painted a contrasting line on my MC16.5.  This tape gives you a completely crisp edge with absolutely no bleeding.  The CLC shop tip Painting Over the Deck explains the process you’re looking for. Chris

RE: painting clean lines

I get the impression that the brightsides paint will be fairly thick when built up with a few coats.  Will the varnish for the deck build up to the same level or will there be a step down between the paint and varnish?


RE: painting clean lines

You should thin the Brightsides as per directions.  You'll feel a very slight step with your fingertips.

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