Shearwater Sport 14'_Just Started Building

Is anyone else building this boat?  I've just gotten started and have glued the side planks together....the beveling instructions in the manual gave me some pause....I loosely wired the boat together to see which planks and which sides should be beveled...I've learned a few things about epoxy creep....spent too much time sanding off epoxy that spread too far...any tips?

Big MO

Carthage, MO


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RE: Shearwater Sport 14'_Just Started Building

Hi dont let the beveling scare you, I made up some jigs to check my angles wihich really didnt help all that much because your beveling such a fine edge ( 3 or 4 mill depending on your ply ) I ended up just looking at the little angle diagram  in nthe manual and just put my block plane on the angle that looked close and did it by sight, the instructions do say that they need not be excact and mine wernt but it all turned out good in the end, I think it would be hard to get the beveles perfect , I started of taping my fillets and toward the end of my build I got used to mixing things at the right concistacy and working cleaner and then didnt need to tape, watching the clc videos really helped me, and by the way Ive just taken my shearwater for a test paddle and absolutly Luv it,,,,,,,,,

good luck and remember its all about the journey not the destination...Enjoy......

cheers Locky from West Oz

RE: Shearwater Sport 14'_Just Started Building

I am building one from plans, a little behind you. But, I have built 4 other CLC boats.

The most important things are to made 2 different sides not 2 of the same sides. Mark one left and one right with a pencil. Just about any angle will work, just bevel the top 2 plys, not all the way to a fine edge.  That way when you stitch it together the outside ply is holding the shape.

As far as epoxy goes clean it up while it is fresh. As you have figure out it is easier to wipe up than to sand off later. Don't worry about the color, it all gets coated in epoxy later.

RE: Shearwater Sport 14'_Just Started Building

Did you have any trouble with the deck bending /shaping to the rounded #2 temp form? Glenn


RE: Shearwater Sport 14'_Just Started Building

I get confused as I have built or helped build about 7 of CLC's boats, the Shearwater Sport was one of the easier ones. And before you get frustrated and give up it is a really good boat.

Sometimes you can't get the panels to do exactly what the forms suggest. try to get them as symmetrical as possible. If you need, use a little water in a spray bottle or damp towel to moisten the wood a little bit.

Most importantly, did give up. Walk away until tomorrow and then give it another go. You will be rewarded with a boat that everyone stops and stares at. Good luck.

RE: Shearwater Sport 14'_Just Started Building

Thank you! i will try your suggestion


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