another question on end pours

i ,too, wonder about end pours.

1)are they necessary for anything other than where to put a grab loop? 

2)Seems like a pretty messy and wrought with potential disaster the way it is described. have most folks found this dam method works?

3)my manual suggests measuring 5 inches down form  the tip of the bow  down along the stem. that means it only goes a couple inches back from the bow. Is that right?

4)what are the measurements for the stern ? how far 'in', towards the cockpit, from the stern do you go? Thanks, Michael


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RE: another question on end pours


1. They also back up the bow and stern joints with some mass and help hold the joints together. If it wasn't for the grab loop, a fillet and tape would work fine in theory. Unfortunately, for many of the designs the bend radius is too sharp and will let the tape pull away, weakening the joint.

2. They've worked fine for most people, some have had spectacular problems

3. Yes

4. Depends on the boat (stern shape, actually). You want the same effect as at the bow.

All that said, I prefer to roughly shape a piece of light wood to approximately fit in the joint and then bed it in place with a thick epoxy/woodflour putty. It uses less epoxy, so is cheaper and lighter. The wood is also lighter than epoxy, so the boat is lighter again. There's also less chance for a catastrophic mess.

Good luck whichever way you go,


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