Starting to strip my woodduck hybrid

This is my first of probabley many posts on this forum.  It's great to have all this wisdom together. 

I got my hull together, glassed and the forms in place,  and now I'm about to start the stripping .  I'm real nervous about this part of the process. 

My problem is that the first strip along the ourside edge is too stiff to make the curves.   Any suggestions on how to get it to make those kinds of bends?  Do these get steamed or something else to make them bend?




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RE: Starting to strip my woodduck hybrid

Check out this link- you can read the info and watch the video.  This is from an expert builder and you can see how he does it-

Remember to enjoy the journey.


RE: Starting to strip my woodduck hybrid

I use a heat gun to bend strips. You can also steam the strips but  I have never personally done this

RE: Starting to strip my woodduck hybrid

I had an incredibly difficult time with my first couple of strips because I did not prep them. Then  I went to Home Depot and bought some pvc pipes (large enough to fit the cedar strips. capped one end and filled with very hot (boiling ) water. Soaked strips for an hour. This worked great. 

But also be sure your deck forms are well secured: mine shifted under the pressure of nailing the strips into place because I had used the wrong hot glue type.

Once you finishe the first couple of edge strips, things get much easier!


Good luck



P.S.  All the work was well worth it given the hundreds of compliments I have received.

RE: Starting to strip my woodduck hybrid

Great - thanks for the tips and the encouragement. 

Two more questions about starting to strip -How much should this first strip overhang the sides of the boat?

Is it best to strip with the cove up or cove down?

Thanks again

RE: Starting to strip my woodduck hybrid

I used both heat gun and steam. 

Steam worked best for me, but (and this can be big), unless you let the strip dry before gluing to the next one, (in other words, steam, clamp, allow to throughly dry, then glue), gaps along the length of the two strips will form.   It all depends on your level of "perfection".  The gaps are less than 1/4 inch, but may mess with your design.

I used a 8 foot PVC pipe set at a shallow angle with a dress steamer pumping into the bottom, a towel stuffed into the top and steamed for about 20-30 minutes.   When the towel was thoughly steamed, I pulled the strips and clamped quickly to the form using small brackets.  This method limited me to only 2 strips a night.

Final answer - it is bead out, cove in  (((((((l))))))).  Try to maintain the same measurement of overlap around the deck.  It does not matter how little or how much, this will be planed or sanded off during the final forming steps, so keeping it even is the most important part.

Enjoy, you will do great.  If you haven't already read  Eric Schade's book, I would highly recommend it. 


RE: Starting to strip my woodduck hybrid

Opps, sorry.  Read Nick Schades book.  Sorry Guys.


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