Kaholo standup 14

Does anyone have experance with Polyester Resin? I am looking at using this on the exterior of the SUP. I would use Expoy Resin for the interior. I alredy know some pros and cons.

Pros; UV resistant - more scratch restant finish - no need to put a clear coat over but can gelcoat - faster cure time -  


Con; needs to be at 65 degrees of hoter to apply - more toxic fumes - short working time - won't stick to epoxy fillers - 

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RE: Kaholo standup 14

Depending on the epoxy base it may not stick well to the epoxy with out using a "tie" coating.

We use this at work.  It is highly toxic use high qualiity respirators if you use it, and glove up it also tends to smell foul even in small quantities.

RE: Kaholo standup 14

I built a 12-6 Kaholo from the plans for the 14 footer.  I used the same frames and only scaled length/longitudinal dimensions.  The proportions are very nice and I would do it again.

This summer I saw a little boy, about 6-8 years SUPing a 12 foot board.  He had a blast and had no problem with the 12 foot board.

RE: Kaholo standup 14

Used numerous gallons of polyester back in the day - now I wouldn't touch a jug of polyester with your 10' pole.

RE: Kaholo standup 14

Sorry - I wouldn't even consider using polyester on anything.


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