Skerry on wagon top

Does anyone know of a method or, perhaps, mechanical aid, to make possible a one man load of a skerry on to the top of a conventional station wagon ? I find this to be a difficult operation even with two men, but since I often boat solo, I am trying to come up with a method to load and unload the boat without a partner. I have seen some rather exotic solutions on line but, when I can, I like to opt for the simple....any ideas ?...thanks....TomC

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RE: Skerry on wagon top

If you have a garage or carport you might try the Harken Boat Hoist advertised on this site under Boat Gear/Transport and Storage.  This only helps when you are at home, though.  When you get to the water you'll have to find a helper--unless someone else posts a better solution.

RE: Skerry on wagon top

How about building a bunk system on your roof rack from a couple of 2x3's covered with boat trailer bunk carpet which is fairly slick and on which the boat should easily slide.  Then two more of the same materials which can be bolted to the rear of the two top ones.  Be sure to secure the two ends at the bottom of the "ramp" together.  You should be able to push the boat up the ramp pieces till they reach the tipping point and sit on the top bunks.  Don't know if this would really work but I can imagine it may.  You could secure the "ramp" pieces to the roof rack next to the boat.

RE: Skerry on wagon top

Oh, here's a P.S., Tom.  I now use a small boat trailer from Harbor freight which I think was about $400 delivered.  It came in a flat box and took about 2 hours to put together.  I've been using it for a year with no problems.  You can google them and check it out.  

RE: Skerry on wagon top

I have that same trailer and it works pretty good, although a little short for the Skerry--I always make sure I have a red pennant flying off the stern. 

Here's a link:  Sorry I couldn't make it a true link, so you'll have to copy and paste.

I didn't mention the trailer before because I thought from your original post that you wanted to avoid using a trailer.

RE: Skerry on wagon top

Just a few random Google results. You should be able to pick & choose and combine the best of each.



RE: Skerry on wagon top

Thanks to all for the assist on the "skerry car top". After all is said and done I may just buy that trailer. A bit more caution required while driving but far more convenient at the launch site.....Tomc

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