tying sails to Skerry spars

I tried several knots from Reed's to lash the sails to the spars on a Skerry and found they were either too bulky or did not stay tied well on the slick synthetic lines.  What seemed to work best for me was just a simple overhand knot, knotting both ends of the line at once.  Wish I could draw a picture, but I simply held the two ends together, made a loop with both lines and passed the ends through the loops.  This is simple, compact, and seems to be secure so far.

Is there a recommended knot for this purpose that I don't know about?

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RE: tying sails to Skerry spars

Is this your knot? If so, it's called a double overhand knot.




RE: tying sails to Skerry spars

Another possibility is to lace your sails instead of tying a knot at each grommet. This will spread out the load over more rope and keep any one piece from being overstressed.



RE: tying sails to Skerry spars

Thanks for your two submissions Laszlo.  My knot stops at step 1, so it is a simple overhand knot.  I did not make a second passthrough as shown in step 2, the double overhand.

I think your second submission shows a much better way to attach the sails.  It not only evens out the load, but should go much quicker.  I plan to buy more line and properly lace the sails very soon.


RE: tying sails to Skerry spars ? Stump Laszlo??

Laszlo does it again.

I propose a contest.  Is there a question Laszlo does not have the answer to, (politics and religion excluded, just kidding) A CLC boat question?

I have 2 kayaks but enjoy just reading about the other things that come up.

Thanks again Laszlo


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