Kaholo size reduction for 6 year-old paddler

In a perhaps misguided effort to "practice" the CLC Kaholo design, along with a desire to build a quick-and-dirty standup paddleboard for my 6 year-old son, I am considering reducing the size of the CLC standup paddleboard discussed in the current WB magazine.

Here are my questions:

1. If I"m going to build something roughly 60% of the length of the current version (allowing me to fit both deck and bottom bits in the length of one 4x8 sheet, can I simply reduce EVERY dimension by the same factor? As in multiply every length, beam dimension, etc. by .058 or .062 or whatever.

2. What will be the reduction in internal volume of the craft? A 40% reduction in length MUST reduce the overall volume by considerably more. Will it end up too small to be practical? If we use a ration of body height to weight an 8' board would be be just about as much bigger than my son as a 12-6 would be compared to me.

Any thoughts from this wise crowd about such an endeavour? What might pitfalls be?


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RE: Kaholo size reduction for 6 year-old paddler


Assuming you mean 0.6 x length, (unless its for your son to play in the bath, in which case 0,062 x is fine), if you reduce all the dimensions then the displacement will be

0.6 x 0.6 x0.6 = 0.216 the volume of the original, about one fifth.

two thirds length vs one fifth volume will change how the design works - not convinced that would work well. I'm sure some more expert advice will roll up soon.


RE: Kaholo size reduction for 6 year-old paddler

According to my very rough calculations, if you decrease both the length and width dimensions to 60%, then you would need to INCREASE the depth by a factor of about 1.7 to get 60% volume.  My figures are based on a rectangular shape--I don't have the math skills to deal with the actual shape of the paddleboard.  But the point I am trying to get across is that if you reduce all three dimensions by a factor of .6, the volume (and displacement) would be reduced much more than 40% (inverse cube law).  This does not take into account any of the internal structures that also reduce the displacement volume. 

RE: Kaholo size reduction for 6 year-old paddler

Or, you can make the assumption that the kid is going to grow and built a full sized board. I built an Auk 14 for my grandson (he just turned 10) thinking it was going to be enormous for him, but he does just fine in it.


RE: Kaholo size reduction for 6 year-old paddler

Note: the width of a 12' 6" Kaholo is slightly wider than 14' Kaholo, so I would speculate an even shorter version would have to be proportionaly wider rather than scaled down to shortened length wide.

RE: Kaholo size reduction for 6 year-old paddler

I built the 14 - not thinking that much about the kids really.    However, all three kids use it easily and efficiently and they are 12, 10, and 8.   Not of them have any problems cruising around on it.

Seems a shame to build one so small, knowing how fast kids grow.

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