using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?

I'm currently building my wife a Kaholo SUP. Well, a few months ago her father died and we were recently asked to come take any of his wood working tools and clear out his wood storage shed. I came home with plenty of heart pine, some Juniper and Cyprus. Then I hit the mother load. 250 boards of 12 foot long 1x14 Cherry thats been in his shop for 20+ years.

My wife would like me to use the cherry to deck the Kaholo. I know it will add some weight compared to the okume, but are there any other issues? How thin should I make the strips? Will the Cherry oxidize under the epoxy like normal?

Are there any blogs or sites you can direct me to where someone used strips to deck their SUP?




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RE: using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?

There have been several posts about using strips to deck a Kaholo.  It seems the concensus is to use thin strips (3/16 or so) and glue them up flat on a plastic covered surface. Then assemble as if it were the plywood. For beauty, you might want to trace the shape of the sides onto the underside of the deck, cut a couple of strip widths inside of that and then glue strips so that you have an edge of strips parallel to the edge with the rest of the strips parallel to the mid line.  (I wish I had done something like that on the deck of a petrel (kayak) I built.

Or get creative and see what designs you can come up with. 

It should be beautiful.  Want to donate some cherry to my next project?

just kidding.

RE: using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?

Thanks for the reply. I wish you were closer (Im in the Destin Florida area) I would be happy donate a little to a good project! Its all pretty nice wood, I have no idea why my FiL had so much of it sitting unused for so long.


sample cherry

RE: using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?

Here's another idea. Sad to rip a 14" board but you could rip off a 6" wide board with good figure then slice it to make a book match and mill it to a strong 1/8". Use that book match for the center, border that with a 1" strip of something dark and then finish the width of the board with more cherry. You can work thin because you're going to glass both the inside and outside of the deck. Remember that your pads are going to cover about 1/3 of the deck. SEEYA Jack

PS Here in Miami Beach we figure Deston is in south Alabama. SEEYA 

RE: using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?

Thanks for the ideas jaclnlin. I had hoped hat I could work pretty thin. I like the book match idea. I have been looking into either a clear pad or using some anti skid silica like we use on epoxy floors in my industry in place of a colored pad.


Ps. Here in Destin we consider Miami Beach to be North Cuba. ;-)

RE: using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?


I am here in Pensacola, SA (south Alabama), have built 2.5 Kaholos so far, would love to have a plank or two of cherry for the deck of the 12'6 I am building right now, was planning on strip planking the deck with some dark and light cedar I have, would love to use the harder cherry on the rails and in some other areas for the contrast. I will be over in Ft. Walton at Scully’s on the Bayou this Saturday for the Great Pumpkin Paddle event they are having and can arrange to come on over to Destin if you really don’t mind parting with some of the wood. Better yet grab a few cherry boards and a SUP and come join in.



RE: using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?

Hello Dave. Nice to know someone else in the area is building Kaholo's. Did you strip the deck on your last 2 builds? I would love to see some pictures of how yours turned out. Did you modify anything else? I am planning to use the supplied fins on hers, but I'll be installing a fin box on mine.


Unfortunately I am out of town until Monday. But I'll be glad to give you some Cherry wood. If all you are doing is some accent pieces, I have some 12 ft lengths of 1 inch by 5 or 6 inch pieces. Those seem to have more pronounced grain and color for some reason.

I tried to link a picture of the grain pattern on some of the wood from my photobucket account, but just got the "blue box of ?" so I'm not sure what went wrong.

RE: using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?


The only Mod I did was to add a fin box to the first one I built and a recessed hand hold to the second one I built. Also on the second one where the inspeciton port is installed I added some mesh fabric to the bulkheads just fore and aft of the port to keep belongings from ending up elsewhere in the board, makes a great storage place for misc items while paddling.

When I did use the fin box I could tell no difference in how it paddled therefore I left it off the second board. On the second one I used a little wood stain up front on the deck and some cherry venier on the back of the deck. There are many beautiful Kaholo's out there using fabric on the deck which is much easier then strip building and should be lighter. I grew up in the wood business so no fabric on mind covering up beautiful wood but I do admit the boards out there using fabic are beautiful.

My email is get in touch and I will come over one day and check out your progress. Send me yours and I will send you some better photos tonight.

RE: using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?


 That looks great! This is my first clc build, also my first stitch and glue. I have built lapstrake canoes before. I am at the point of working on the deck, but I already see things I will do differently next time. I followed the directions and didn't bevel the bottom plywood panels, but I am not happy with the gap that left. Your SUP looks like you did bevel them, or is that filled in? Also, great job on filling the stitch holes, they are hardly noticable!


My email is 



RE: using cherry to strip a Kaholo deck?

Davoil,  amazing SUP!!!  Is that built with wood from CLC?   Also did you finish this in the house???   My wife would never let that happen!  (Despite me trying)

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