Wood Duck 12 Hybrid delivered

I just delivered the Wood Duck 12 Hybrid I built for my brother; he covered all the costs and I provided the free labour.

I have kind of done the boat buiding thing a little backwards. I started with Pocketship from plans as my first build and found buiding a kayak from a kit a most enjoyable and completely different project. In the photo, my brother is on the left and I am on the right. 

Dave Curtis

Proud owner and builder

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RE: Wood Duck 12 Hybrid delivered

Dave - the WD 12 looks great. I hope you got to paddle it at least once, and I'm sure your brother will get a lot of use and enjoyment out of it!

So... what's the next project?


RE: Wood Duck 12 Hybrid delivered

Since our future plans involve moving to Australia to be with both our kids the next likely project would be a stand up paddleboard (we are too old to take up surfing).

However, our move will necessitate selling our Pocketship this spring as a trans-Pacific passage in ""So True" seems highly unlikely :)

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