Matunuck surf kayak

I'm in the process of building the Matunuck and I just wondered what is the meaning of "Matunuck" and what language is it come from?

somebody knows?

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RE: Matunuck surf kayak

I am sure that Uncle Nick named it after a local seaside village not far from the his local paddling grounds, in Southern Rhode Island. Matunuck means "look out", which might be good advise in rocky areas.  

RE: Matunuck surf kayak

Funny name but great looking kayak, Ive nealy finished my shearwater sport and Ive sooo now got the building bug, I would really like to get into surf kayaking too and would be really interested in any feedback whatsoever about this kayak, Ive been eyeing it of for a while , so many questions , fins or no fins ect. ease of bulild ect, perfomance ect. so if there is any Matunuck freaks out there Id be glad to here from you.

Kind regards Locky,,,,,

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