cold weather epoxy?

Some place in my memory is that there is a epoxy resin that is formulated for cool weather--like Fall--not subfreezing.  Any help about this would be appreciated.  The boat won't fit in our livingroom!!

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RE: cold weather epoxy?

The resins are unchanged, it's the hardeners that have different cure rates. Typically there's a fast, slow and medium available. Some brands have no medium, you just buy fast and slow and mix them to get the speed that you want. CLC sells the diffeent hardener speeds for its epoxy products, check the epoxy prducts page.

I like to have fast & slow on hand, regardless of the temperature. Slow lets me take my time with glassing, while fast lets me do quick structural assemblies.



RE: cold weather epoxy?

Most companies offer a fast hardner which ends up being a slow or medium speed hardner if cold enough.  The only company I know that makes a system especially for cold is Progressive.

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