Sport Tandem

I finally got the new toy on water!!

After 3 months building my Sport Tandem, I finally got it on the water on a perfect day for trying a kayak: 30 mph wind on an icy river! After a few strokes, I felt the kayak was not having much primary stability (compared to my OI). Also, having someone in the same boat makes quite a difference. I was somehow expecting this from a 22 inches wide tandem kayak. But surprisingly, after 10 minutes in it, I already felt more comfortable and forgot about the initial feeling of an unstable boat. The secondary stability is strong and easy to manage. I tested the kayak in 2 -3 foot waves without any problem or discomfort. Manoeuvring this boat is a charm with or without the rudder. But on high wind, the SmartTrack rudder helped keeping our tracking. After a 10 mile ride on a windy river and lake, I was quite pleased with this boat handling. Because of an elbow injury, I could not test more advance manoeuvres, but my partner did perform some rolls with it and really enjoyed the facility to roll it.  We kept on GPS an average speed of 6.5 mph on a regular paddling stroke.



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