MASCF XXX next weekend

No, this is not another post that needs to be killed in a hurry by the moderator (though there will be tall, thick masts, wide open cockpits, well-rubbed decks, smooth bottoms and people talking like sailors) - it's the 30th annual Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels Maryland. It's just across the Bay Bridge and down the road a ways from the Annapolis Sailboat show. Don't know if CLC will be officially showing up there, but there are usually a bunch of CLC boats as well as all sorts of other lovely boats and a great crowd of boatbuilders there (not to mention the entire museum when you get enough of all that).

Click on the picture below to get to the Museum's MASCF page and see all the activities and exhibits and some pictures from previous years. The pre-registration deadline has passed but you can still show up with a boat for just the cost of a day admission to the museum.


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RE: MASCF XXX next weekend

I'm definately partial to the smootth bottoms.

Would enjoy seeing you there, but its along bike ride from Seattle.


RE: MASCF XXX next weekend

That last post is Greek to me. But if any of you have never made it to the MASCF it really is worth the while. And Laszlo should have his new schooner there. No pressure, Laszlo, just looking forward to seeing you and he new boat and hitching a ride! 

George K

RE: MASCF XXX next weekend

I made it out and met up with Laszlo and George.  Nice new boat, L., and thanks for the info about the build: more to think about.  Thanks, G., for sharing your thoughts on the Sea Island and other designs.

Lots of lovely little boats all around.  Had a great time.  One of these days after I can get a place to build, the wood, and myself all lined up, then I will bring my own Small Craft to the Fest.

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