Sassafras 16 - Cutting Planks from Plans

The Canoe Shop book suggests cutting out the planks just slightly oversize, stacking the planks of the same number on top of each other, clamping them together, and trimming/planing the stack to the final shape in the hope that the process keeps the edges square so the planks will be identical.

Is there any drawback to cutting patterns of the planks from a sheet of plywood, carefully shaping the pattern to the final shape, and then using a router with a guide bearing to reproduce the planks?

I just think I can control the router process (even with all of the planks stacked) better than trying to trim all of the planks by hand while trying to maintain a square edge.

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RE: Sassafras 16 - Cutting Planks from Plans

You could do it that way but it would be a lot of extra work and material. I am currently finishing a Sassafras 12 for my wife and lofting and trimming the panels was really easy and not alot of work as described in the book. It will actually be a lot less time just using a block plane and hard sanding block to trim. If you really want to use power tools, a belt sander and final trim with a block plane will get you there as well. I have not posted any pics of my build yet but will post some this weekend for you. -Dana

RE: Sassafras 16 - Cutting Planks from Plans


You could also make a fence for your router and treat it like a block plane. Be sure to add a slight curve to the face to get into the inside curves.


RE: Sassafras 16 - Cutting Planks from Plans

or add a fence to your plane:

RE: Sassafras 16 - Cutting Planks from Plans

Good afternoon.Sorry for my English. Tell me where I can buy a full-size plans for the Sassafras 16. I have a limited budget and buy the whole set I can not. And delivery to Ukraine will be not enough.

If you have that information, I will be grateful. Maybe someone has already built a canoe and is willing to sell plans, I razsmotryu his offer.

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