Filling gaps between strips

Working on a hybrid CH17 and have fiberglassed the inside of the deck and glued the deck to the hull. One of the next steps is to fill gaps with thickened epoxy. I have a few gaps especially early in the process where the bead and cove joints I made weren't perfect.

The question(s): Won't thicked epoxy leave cloudy white spots on the finish? What about unthickened epoxy to fill the gaps? There's epoxy and glass on the underside so nothing would drip through and I think the finish would look better.


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RE: Filling gaps between strips

Thicken with only wood flour. The result shouldn't be cloudy unless loaded with some other thickening agent. A liitle darker than the surrounding wood is usually better than lighter. Can lighten with bleached flour. Filling low spots [low board] can also be done with out 'showing'. The area can be built up with JUST cloth scraps layered cut to fit & filled with epoxy.


RE: Filling gaps between strips

I had a few spots on my deck where I had not removed all the sanding dust and got some whitish seams. I painted them over with model railroad paints (rust and dust colors) that matched the wood colors. You would not be able to find those spots now. -Wes

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