Eastport Pram and Torqeedo electric motor

Has anyone used one of the torqeedo electric motors with this pram? We are going to build an eastport nesting pram as a tender to our 37' sailboat and I think I want to go electric. I do not like carrying around the gas and never use enough before it goes bad. 

If anyone has used one, which model and how did it work out?



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RE: Eastport Pram and Torqeedo electric motor

I'm going to build the Peeler and thinking of just using it as a motor launch, going with an electric motor, putting the batter pack fwd to balance things out when solo. Minn kota has a motor which they call a e-drive. It bolts on the transom and they offer controls and steering hook ups as well as battery packs, etc, etc. They also offer it as an outboard with tiller. It is equal to a 2 hp as far as I can tell and can push a pontoon boat at 5 knots. The info is kind of confusing. The German made Torqeedo sounds like a good quality product also. Let us know what you decide on and how it works. Good luck, Klitz.

RE: Eastport Pram and Torqeedo electric motor

I've finished my pram and tested it with the Torqeedo 1003 motor. It worked very well and was smooth and quite.  I was hoping to get to 6 kts but maximum speed was 4.7 kts.  I did some measurements of speed verses watts consumed. It is a 525 watt battery so you can compute the range.  At 3kts the range is 14.7 miles and at 4kts it drops to 4.9 miles.  Clearly the boat has some speed limitations based upon design that become restrictive at about 3.5kts.

I thought the overall range vs speed performance was good but I would love to see comparisions to other electric motors if anyone has them. It would be interesting to see if the higher cost of the torqeedo actually resulted in performance gains. My goal was a range total of 6 miles. To acheive that, I need to go around 3.7 kts.  Torqeedo does provide a solar panel which could extend the range or allow you to go a bit faster before running out of power.

Watts  9.5    19    38    52    107    167    425    850    1025

Speed    1     1.5  2      2.5    3       3.5     4       4.5      4.7

RE: Eastport Pram and Torqeedo electric motor

   John, which Torqueedo shaft length fit on the Eastport Pram?



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