cloudy glass shearwater sport

Hello to everyone, just another glass question, that I hope someone can answer for me. When I wet out single layers, of glass they have turned out great but when Ive had to wet out two layers one on top of the other it has turned out slightly cloudy in comparison to the single layer; this has happened on the inside of the hull where I put in a seat patch and also on the outside of the hull because I couldnt get the glass to conform to the hull shape to my satisfaction so I opted to cut to darts . one set at the bow and one set at the stern, the instructions say you should be able to get the glass to conform to the hull shape so it could be my novice inability or maybe the fact that I chose to use a single 6 oz layup opposed to the multiple 4oz lay up as per instructions. any way Im in the prosses of doing fill coats now and it dosnt look that bad so Im not unhappy with it, but I would really like to know if wetted out single layers of glass alwayes look clearer that wetted out multiple layers or is it something that I am doing wrong with epoxy or the process, Im useing the roller method , not the squidgy method. and so far I havnt had any runs so I think Im putting on the right amount.

thanx to everyone in advance..............

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RE: cloudy glass shearwater sport

You are probably okay. If the final result is not perfectly clear, nobody but you will ever notice. If it's really bad, you can always paint over it.

You have deviated from years of expert experience, however, in ways that result in a heavier hull. Six-ounce cloth absorbs more epoxy than four-ounce, resulting in higher cost and weight. It also takes more effort to fully wet out, which is hard to do with a roller. And that extra layer of glass under your seat adds nothing but weight.


RE: cloudy glass shearwater sport

  The cloudy epoxy could be due to moisture/condensation. I've had my fair share of experience with it. Living in a moist climate I've learned not to apply epoxy on 'bright' areas when the dewpoint and temperature are within 7° of each other.


  This dewpoint calculator is handy.

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