Kaholo 12'6" or 14' for fishing?


Whilst I love kayaking, I've also managed to catch the SUP bug.  And as others have done, I'm looking to migrate some of my kayak fishing to SUP fishing.

All Kaholo's I've seen so far that people have used for fishing (only a few0 are the 14' ones.  Obviously a bit more efficient, can hold a bigger load and came out first.

But I was wondering if the 12'6" may in fact be more viable for river/bay/estuary fishing.  Just carrying a small gear bag/box and a couple of rods for short trips.

I'd be interested in input from anyone who's paddled both, fished from either or just 12'6" owners.  I'm 5'11" and around 185lbs and have good balance.

I could also widen the board by 1/2" or 1" too I guess for super stability?


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RE: Kaholo 12'6" or 14' for fishing?

I have the 14 and have not had the pleasure of trying the smaller one.   I think I could fish on the 14 pretty well and wouldn't see much need for a smaller one?   It is pretty stable just as it is so I wouldn't make any alterations to it.   I am 6 foot 6 and 200 pounds and it is a very stable SUP

RE: Kaholo 12'6" or 14' for fishing?

While I don't fish, I do paddle a 14 with people with smaller boards into marshes and I have never had any trouble going where the smaller boards go.  Actually, I can go places they can not because of the fin setup I chose.  In fact if your fishing grounds are a long way from launch point, and you are a strong paddler, then the added hull speed of the 14 would come in handy

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