Hybrid deck questions

Finally finished piecing the deck together on my Chesapeake 17! I have a few questions about the next steps.

  1. I ran planks long through the cockpit area. The shearwater instructions has a cockpit apron which the CH17 doesn't. When should I cut the cockpit to shape? Before/after fiberglassing the underside of the deck?
  2. I'm 6'3" and always have to twist to get in. I am thinking of widening the fore portion of the cockpit combing so that the width is the same all the way around giving me a few more inches getting my knees/legs in and out. I figure I'm tall enough that I don't need that portion of the combing/deck for bracing. Has anyone done this? Any forseen drawbacks (other than short people not being able to use my boat)?
  3. Finally, the kit came with nails for securing the deck. The Shearwater instructions glue the hybrid deck down. I assume that I should glue. It should look nicer and I'd worry about the cedar slat splitting.

Thanks in advance for the advice!


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RE: Hybrid deck questions

Im not sure I can help but I found it interesting that im  at the exact point you are at with the chesapeake 17 hybrid. I was planning on smoothing or rough cutting the planks that  run through the cockpit and then fiberglassing the underside. I would offically cut the cockpit after this, possibly after I fiberglass the topside of the deck????? Anyone else know for sure???

Im also 6'3" I would be afraid to lose bracing support if I widened the fore portion of the cockpit but my legs may be thinner than yours??? Im guessing i could widen the fore portion of the cockpit at a later stage if I run into the same issues. Hopefully someone with more experience will post.

Thickened epoxy for the deck. I think the nails were just part of the original Chesapeake 17 kit. Thanks Tom

RE: Hybrid deck questions

Do you use a spray skirt? If you change the dimension of the cockpit opening to an odd size, you may not be able to fit a skirt.

RE: Hybrid deck questions

Not planning on changing the outer demensions of the cockpit, just taking an inch or so out of the front "keyhole" shape so that the thickness/width of the combing is the same all the way around - so I can still use my spray skirt.


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