two-piece mast for Eastport pram?

I'm thinking about building an Eastport Pram as a tender for our larger sailboat.  Given our limited on-board storage, I'd like to be able to store EVERYTHING inside the pram when it's on deck, including the mast.

This would mean making it in two pieces.  Has anyone done this?  If so, what type of joint did you use?





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RE: two-piece mast for Eastport pram?

Instead of a 2-piece mast, consider a boomless sprit rig. The EPP has a wide enough stern to properly sheet the rig and the sprit and mast can each be sized to fit into the boat yet still give you about 35 ft of sail area.

This would be mechanically more sound than a 2-piece mast and there'd be no boom to break skulls.



RE: two-piece mast for Eastport pram?

Good idea, thanks . . . I'll play with some sketches . . . and look at some of the Bolger books . . . it's also one less spar to build :-)



RE: two-piece mast for Eastport pram?

I considered this idea too. But in the end, I cut my mast down to 8'6",  and it's so light it's more like a boathook than a "mast" and only about a foot longer than the boat. I find the current standing lug rig very attractive and the sail sets well. (Such a short mast does put the "boom" lower for an adult, meaning you have to duck under it to see to leeward and could use  a window in the sail; but if you;re 10 years old--no problem). Good luck!


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