After 3 sesons of using my WD10  I plan to refinish this winter.  I origianlly applyed 5 coats varnish to the bottom.  4 on top.  I plan to stick with varnish.  I mosty takein/and out on sand.  How far do I sand and with what grit? 

Any other tips or things I should thank about or be aware of would help.


Coach C

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RE: Refinish

Wet sand with 320. Shouldn't need any more than that or you'll be taking off all the varnish and will be starting from scratch. The deck will be fine with a coat or two. The bottom may have some gouges that won't sand out but that's okay, just varnish over them. Unless you're rolling it, like Kurt Maurer can, nobody sees the bottom anyway!

George K

RE: Refinish

Thanks George, Yhat looks lie a plan.  Have a great day,

Coach C

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