bow and stern carry straps

Finishing a WD14 and am battling with the thought of drilling holes through my first boat for the bow and stern carry straps. Thought about using padeye's, but I really want a clean it's the holes.

Where should these be placed? I've seen several pictures where the placement seems dangerously close to the edge of the boat, and I know they go through the end pour epoxy fills, but is the placement purely by eye? or is there a measurement that needs to be made?

Really dreading the holes, but the straps are a must.

Most steps to building have been a bit forgiving as you can always fix it with a little epoxy and sanding, but drilling the holes is a one time endevour (as far as looks go)..hence my dilema...

I'm planing on making nice woven carry straps, so it will look just fine...



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