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Hello to everyone, I have completed my fillets and taped my two halves together on my shear water sport build, but when I released them they dont dont appear to be a perfect match, there not bad but the ply has sprung back a little in a few areas, all can be stiched back together easily with little effort but I dont have two perfectly matching halves. so my qhestion nis ? if I go ahead and glass the insides of my boat as per instructions , do the hull and the deck still retain some flex so I can join them with no gaps or do they go very stiff and crack if flexed, this maybe a stupid question but its worring me a bit , I could probley do the final join if the glass was still a bit green buit I know I wont be that quick so the two halves will probley be cured before I do the final join,  any comments greatly apreciated.

cheers Locky,,,,,

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RE: fiberglass question

I'm a rank noob and haven't even started my first boat yet, but I'll go out on a limb and say, do your adjustments BEFORE you glass.  I recal John Harriss saying that even just the epoxy would make things too stiff to flex after it cures.  Get your wood stuff right first.  Then glass it.  Hopefully the fillets won't hamper things too much.

RE: fiberglass question

Ah crap!  I misspelled John's name.  Sorry John.

RE: fiberglass question

I'm trying to figure out exactly what stage you are at. It seems that you have filleted & taped the hull seams, and you are waiting to see if you should glass the underside of the deck & cockpit area? If yes, go ahead and do it according to the sequence in the instructions. My 1st build was a Shearwater 17, and there were temporary deck forms, which when removed, allowed the deck to spread out considerably. If you can pull the joints into alignment fairly easily by hand NOW, the glassing will not add much stiffness. It is often normal to have to use a tool such as a putty knife to lever the parts into alignment.

One area that can be tough is next to the hatches, because the hatch sill & spacer will make that area stiff.


RE: fiberglass question

Thank you both for your replies, that pretty much answers my question spot on, I can get back to work and stop worrying,

the adjustments I have to make are only minimal but not having glassed any large areas yet I was a bit concerned, Its my fist build and so far its going well but I didnt want to stuff it up after the work Ive alraedy put in.

cheers and thanx guys,,,


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