purpil heart

Iam building a shearwater hybred and want to use purpil heart mahogoney as accents would this wood be suitable?

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RE: purpil heart

Purpleheart wood is an excellect boat building wood. It is very dense but will make nice strips for your hybrid. Many woodworkers use it as an accent for furniture or cutting boards - I just -ripped two bottom skids out an 11 foot piece of purpleheart for my Peeler build this morning. Please wear a respirator or dust mask when working it as many people have very bad reactions to it's dust.

RE: purple heart

Thanks for the info Robert

RE: purpil heart

I have used Purpleheart on a few kayaks with great results.  It is very hard and very heavy. It does not bend without a fight and a few cuss words. But it makes for a great looking kayak.

Take a look at thease two kayaks

Guillemot  www.louskayakworks2.blogspot.com

Woodduck  www.louskayakworks.blogspot.com


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