for those about to Duck

Just sent in my testimonial to CLC regarding the experience I've had building and (finally) paddling the WD 10, and wanted to share a few thoughts with all those on the forum. 

First of all: thanks for your warmth and patience and advice! Thanks to you, I only had to call the help line a couple of times, which saved me minutes and saved CLC time. If you've ever posted your questions or answers here you've contributed to a great resource and countless others will benefit from your sharing.

Secondly: the building process was incredibly fun, interesting, and satisfying. I learned so much about using epoxy and finishing especially that I feel like I've developed knowledge I can build on for creating more complicated craft, and I think that's a great virtue to stitch and glue.

I think the Wood Ducks are wonderfully designed boats, and using them only makes me think so more strongly. They are incredibly stable and faster than you might think and, well, I've always been a real sucker for a lovely sheerline and a plumb stem. You can load them up like little pickup trucks, and easily move them around out of the water. It seems like everyone who looks at them smiles and says hi.

I'm so glad I built two because there's nothing like sitting in mine and watching my girlfriend paddle hers.

Finally, for all those other neophytes out there, a couple of recommendations: keep your Deet away from the varnish! Ben's 100 in particular will eat your varnish. Also, if you're considering the epoxy/graphite bottom, or if you're not considering it, you should do it. Within the first week I'd run my bilge right over a rock at speed and driven my prow straight into another rock. In both cases, I ended up with little more than long grey lines on my bottom, over which I simply rolled a bit more epoxy/graphite. 

My Build is documented on flickr as a set <a href="">here </a>

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RE: for those about to Duck

 Nice boats!

 Looks like you built them at the same time? I wish we had done that, we did Robin's first and I wound up renting until mine was finished. Folks would gather around her boat like there was free beer in it and I was stuck in a plastic rental! It all worked out in the end though and now we're both happy as clams.

 Have to agree with you about this forum. Awesome people with a helpful attitude. I've learned a lot here and it's not the kind of place where you worry about asking a dumb question. Big thanks to CLC!

 Thanks for posting the pics too.


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