hatch cover stiffeners lt16

does anyone have the measurements on the hatch covers, for where the stiffeners are supposed to go. I couldn't find any reference to dimensions in the manual, or on the templates, so assumed it didn't matter and epoxied them in at a "pleasing" location.

Now, I assume, they should be in a particular position to make certain the cover goes back on at the same spot every time. If I get the dimensions I'll just add a 90 degree additional stiffener on the outside of each to center the hatch.


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RE: hatch cover stiffeners lt16

I had the same question on my LT17.  I took the template paper for the hatch and laid it on the underside of the hatch cover centered it and traced it.

Then, I took the stiffeners and placed one as far forward and one as far back as I could--but staying just inside the line.

Then when place the cover over the hole, the stiffeners keep it centered left to right and front to back.

They do attempt to illustrate this in the LT17 manual diagram, but there was no text as to why you would do it this way.  And for the rear hatch that has 3 stiffeners, i just put the third one half way between the other two.

Not sure if that's right, but it was a better plan than just guessing.

RE: hatch cover stiffeners lt16

yup, a bit more practical than my "cosmetic" method. At this stage I can I suppose measure what I need to pad it out to, just wanted to check with someone who had measurements, in case there's something else I might have missed. Thanks

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