CLC Night Heron Finished!

I have finished my CLC Night Heron, and I am looking forward to putting it in the water!

Thanks to everyone on the Builder's Forum and Joey at CLC for answering all my questions regarding my build. It was a lot of hard work, but you guys worked me through the tricky parts. Thanks also to Nick Schade for the books on building that took me from a picture on the internet to a real boat worthy of paddling anywhere. 

Chris F

night heron finished

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RE: CLC Night Heron Finished!

Beautiful!!!   suspect it will be even more fun to paddle than it was to build.

Have you picked out the next build?  It's addictive.




RE: CLC Night Heron Finished!

Thx Ed! I'll try to put off another boat while I paddle this one, because the paddling was the main reason I decided to build it!

Chris F :)

RE: CLC Night Heron Finished!

What a gorgeous boat!  


Congrats on a job well done and enjoy your reward for many years to come.

RE: CLC Night Heron Finished!

Good looking boat.  Out of curiosity why did you choose the Night Heron.  I am thinking about a Petrel and would like to know how you made your decision.

RE: CLC Night Heron Finished!


To tell you the truth right now, I just don't remember the reason I chose the Night Heron, but I think it was because I am in the middle of the paddler weight on the kayak comparison chart...and shoe size is a 11 max for the Night Heron...

Other than that...I don't remember....building the boat took all of my thought...and I must have forgotten about why I chose it....but can't wait to get it in the water!

Hope this helps,

Chris F

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