Newport Beach Demo

I wanted to thank the good folks at CLC for traveling all the way out to the Left Coast to showcase your boats. 

I came hoping to demo an Oxford Shell but was only mildly disappointed when I was told one didn't make the trip.  It's a pretty specialized boat and I wasn't really that surprised.  However when I rowed the Annapolis Wherry I felt right at home after not rowing a sliding seat in over 20 years (and 50 lbs.)  The wherry was fast, beautiful, tracked straight as an arrow and even though it wasn't rigged to fit my personal dimensions (my knees were too high in the boat - kept hitting them against my wrists during recovery stroke), I was very impressed.  Talked to a fellow who had just completed one and got the lowdown on his experiences. 

I was thinking of leaving, but then I saw someone rowing the Skerry and although it wasn't really what I was looking for, I was intrigued by the way it glided through the water leaving virtually no wake.  Seemed to be very efficient even with a novice at the oars.  So I tried it.  And was HOOKED!  What a beautiful rowing boat.  Fast, very stable and tracks arrow straight.  Very little more effort required to row vs. the Annapolis Wherry, which surprised me.  Started thinking how much more practical this boat would be, especially since I'm told she sails well, too.  By the time I brought the Skerry back to the beach I was hooked. 

I feel another project coming on!


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