Skerry--securing becket block

On page 123 of the Skerry manual, it states that the becket block is fastened to a looped line attached to the middle seat. This line is knotted to two holes in the seat.

The holes are not mentioned anywhere else in the manual and are not shown in the plans. The only things I know are that the holes are to be 5" apart and the line is 1/4".

I'm assuming the holes will be 3/8" diameter, the same as the downhaul. That is: 1/2" holes filled with thickened epoxy, followed by 3/8" holes drilled in the cured epoxy. Is this correct?

The holes are to be 5" appart and I'm sure centered longitudinally on the seat. But, how far should they be from either the edge of the seat or from the daggerboard trunk?

Thanks for your help.

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RE: Skerry--securing becket block

Mesure about 3 inches from the stern edge of the seat, thats about how far the holes need to be from the edge. Drill 1/2 holes fill with thickend epoxy then drill for the diameter of the line used.

RE: Skerry--securing becket block

Got it.  Thanks!

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