Stitches and epoxy

I'm building a Chester Yawl and have the hull together and cross-pieces installed.  Before I start epoxying the seams, can someone tell me how to avoid having the stitches permanently glued in place?  Some of them are pretty close to the joints between planks.  Will they pull out, or do I need to take special precautions?


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RE: Stitches and epoxy

The simple answer is to keep the epoxy off of them!. But if that doesnt happen, I find about 5 seconds of heat from a lighter on the end of the copper wire and they pull right out no problem.



RE: Stitches and epoxy

  Can you first put a small bead or 'tack' the pieces together here and there avoiding the wires? Then you can remove the stitches and do the proper fillet.

RE: Stitches and epoxy

Thanks for both suggestions.

RE: Stitches and epoxy

I just completed stitch removal on a passagemaker.  Fireplace type lighter (long barrel) works great.  My stitches were very embedded.  Only had difficulty with two.

The lighter trick is amazing.

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