Wood Duck oooppppss

While i was rolling out the tape on the last side of the wood duck on the inside i noticed that i forgot to glass the bow and stern reinforcement how much of a problem is this? I just glassed the bottom tonight and i overlaped it 6 inches on both sides on the outside. I am also planning on the end pore at each end

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RE: Wood Duck oooppppss

Others may have better ideas but it looks to me like you can still add the reinforcement tape on top of the glass since you haven't done the end pours yet.  If the previous coat of epoxy has cured, then just sand it where the tape will go and add it on top of the existing fiberglass, then epoxy it in place, etc.

RE: Wood Duck oooppppss

Will your end pour reach your seam tape?  If so, I think you will be fine, glass adds tensile strength the structure so the exterior glass will actually provide more than on the interior.  If you are worried about it, you could always do the reinforcing on the exterior and sand/feather the seam so that it is not visible.  My bow/stern ended up with 4 layers of glass, two, overlapped form the hull and two more from the deck. 

And yes, you could still add the reinforcement.  I put my boat upside-down and crawled in to reach the bow (barely) to attach the handle when I was all done, so lots (?) of room to work ;)

RE: Wood Duck oooppppss

Thanx for the ideas will probably add glass on the outside and mabey try to get it in the inside i am thinking after i glass the deck i may fit in the front in the yadr and slide up in

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