stich & glue swimming raft

As I sit here looking out on the bay this summer and listen to my kids beg for a swimming raft....I wonder why I have not run across a plan for this before?  It seams to me a fairly straight forward raft, top side made with two or three sheets of plywood encased in 6 or 8 oz glass with two intergral sponsons under the rails wood make a somewhat light, very rigid and bouyant swim raft that would be cheaper in cost then the best aluminum sponson rafts ($2-2.5K) and be much sturdier and lighter than the lashed float/barrel and wood decking styles most people build.  I for one wood (pardon the pun) order the plans, epoxy & glass, wire and materials to build...maybe even spring for marine grade plywood.

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RE: stich & glue swimming raft

Phil Bolger once drew a simple dinghy that could be built from two sheets of plywood and would make a neat playboat/raft for kids. I think he called it "Brick". It preceded the era of stitch and glue, but could easily be built as such. -Wes

RE: stich & glue swimming raft

Ever think about hunting Craig's List for a couple-3 old windsurfers? they show up regularly for $25-35.  build the platform to hold them underneath

RE: stich & glue swimming raft

i've been waiting for a stich & glue pontoon boat. electric motor, tiki torches for lights. Eric Schade what are you doing this weekend,get busy on this.

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