Wood Duck Double

Hi all,

Just started with my WD Double and already have a "small" problem.

When doing the first scarf joints, I followed the instructions to the letter but even so, the joints did not join properly and i am left with a substancial height difference between the two joined sections.

To level them out i sanded with obvious results. I went through the top layer so there will have to be some painwork done to hide the "oopsy".

I will only be painting some kind of pattern to hide the problem and the remaining will stay in wood.

My question is:

When do I apply the paint? On the wood and then fibre over it or fibre and paint in between the second and third layer of epoxy or only paint just before I start varnishing?

Thanks for all your help and this forum is great as I have picked up many tips along the way by reading just about every post.

Regards from Portugal


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RE: Wood Duck Double

Definitely paint after glass and epoxy are on and finish sanded.

The other questions are do I paint area and varnish over the whole boat including painted area? It will work OK but may shift the perceived color of the paint as the varnish is typically a little yellow in hue.


Or you can varnish and then mask out your design and paint. (I think is better approach)



RE: Wood Duck Double

I painted my design after the first coat of varnish. Than applied 4 additional coats of varnish. It leaves a very nice smooth transition from paint to un-painted. David is right, though, the varnish will yellow the painted color some, so if that is not desireable, paint last. In my case, the paint color is a forest green, so the yellowing effect looks good. YMMV

RE: Wood Duck Double

Also painting after epoxy leaves the option to sand off and change/repaint. 

RE: Wood Duck Double

Thanks guys for your replies.

I´m not too worried about the yellowing effect of the varnish but I think that painting after the epoxy is the best option.

Many thanks and I´ll keep you posted as I go along.


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