Primer in Humidity

The first of many anticipated questions about finishing our NE Dory:


We were all set to apply Pre-kote to our boat, when we read the admonitions against applying in high humidity.  We are in the Wash DC area and low humidity doesn't really seem to be in the cards.  Other than put the project on hold until the fall (something we don't want to think about having come this far), are there any suggestions for getting around this problem?

Would it help if we applied the next coat/paint sooner?  Are there other primers on the market that are more climate appropriate?

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RE: Primer in Humidity

 If you're in a closed shop can you borrow/rent a dehumidifier? Here's a previous thread that may help..

 As an alternative I would think a two part such as Interlux Epoxy Primekote would do well.


RE: Primer in Humidity

I don't have an exact answer to your primary question, but suggest you go to one of the better local weather sites that shows a graph of current and projected conditions,  Look for the relative humidity curve.  Right now in the DC area the relative humidity is above 90 %.  Watch for times when the humidity is projected to be lower and prime away.  There are low humidity times during some summer days.  What you really want to avoid are times when the local temperature is close to or below the dew point temperature.  That's when you can can have moisture condense on your hull and really spoil things.  Apply paint and primer when the temps are at least 5 or more degrees above the dew point temp.  Added insurance against humidity would be to use a good dehumidifier in your work area or work in air conditioned spaces.

You should be sanding most of the primer off anyway, so don't get stressed over the primer.  Good luck.

RE: Primer in Humidity

System 3 Yacht Primer doesn't care about humidity (and the paint actually works better in high humidity). I've been pinging CLC to carry the stuff for a few years now, but John says there's not enough demand. So either join me in pinging them or buy it directly from S3.



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