hullpainting 1 vs 2 part poly

Any advice out there on hull painting a Ch 17 with either 1 or 2 part paint ...i've had some success with Interlux perfection in other projects - but i see advocates for Brightsides in any CLC forum posts ... wouldn't 2 part be stronger and more durable ??

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RE: hullpainting 1 vs 2 part poly

My 2 cents from limited experience...I was advised to go with 1 part as it's easier to repair/repaint.  Others may disagree.  I used brightside on my C17 with great results (brushed on).

Sure enough, second time out, hit a couple of submerged rock and then the beach landing gave me some scratches straight through the paint.  Sanded the edges to a feather-edge, repaint, good as new.  No mixing 2-pack, trying to get it perfect, etc.


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